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Since 1989 the Outlook Organisation has run many workshops, with thousands of participants. Many people credit Outlook with changing their life for the better, pushing them on to achieve bigger and better things, both personally and professionally. Here's what some of participants have to say about the organisation: 

"I don't think I got a chance to go around and thank everyone last night. But every assistant, facilitator and whomever else was there to help me become free, I thank you. It wasn't just me who stood up and Tony who guided me. It was also the people outside who made me feel safe in that room, the assistants who sat in the back to let me know that they had maybe once stood up there or had at least shared a similar experience. The people who designed the clever exercises. And I'm sure there were others who helped me in ways I still don't know about. But truly and from my soul, thank you so much. You've set this woman free." Matsume Kai

"Outlook can open doors that might otherwise remain closed to you for the whole of your life. Anyone who feels that they are not in touch with that elusive person that we long to be should give Outlook a go. You have nothing to lose apart from - perhaps - some of those inhibiting beliefs and ways of being that can often lie between us and happiness." Guy Hunter Watts

"It was the best investment I ever made. It helped me to realize what holds me back and it helped me to overcome my phobias." Helen Hines

"The value of Outlook is in the reflection and correction-and the possibility to move on or break through. There is enormous value in being able to actually express feelings in such a safe environment- it is liberating. It was very moving to see what happens when people develop greater trust and give to others. The shift from feeling self-conscious to being lovable was very powerful. I see the value of Outlook and have learned a great deal." Anonymous

"Sceptical as I was like many people before joining an Outlook Training, it turned out to be a real positive experience of which I take advantage every day since then. It feels like I have been part of a brief but privileged education process.” Dirk Vandewiele

“On Outlook I learnt how to be my best; in having fun, in my relationships, in my life!” Rachael Chapman

“Those days on the course were amazing. They have given me a totally new outlook on life and it's a joy to share it. I think my work colleagues were a little taken aback when I went in yesterday with a big grin on my face - unlike the usual grouch.“ Susan Ruru

"It is like getting a tool box or a set of tools to help you for the rest of your life." Pom Piek

"At a time of my life when retirement was fast approaching I came across the Outlook course. What an experience, within a year I had taken my ‘slippers’ off, turned my life around and took a huge leap in a new direction with amazing results. After that came Essence and finally Summit. All were huge challenges and at 64 all three courses have inspired me to look forward to new energy and enthusiasm for life." Serena Abrahams

"It was an incredible journey. Tony Wiseman, the trainer is one of the world’s unknown geniuses." Chris Chaplow

"It gave a really helpful set of tools to create your own life as an awakening and dynamic process. This course helped me to face the useless fears and instead establish useful habits." Gerd Belliger

"When I attended the outlook training I was really sceptical, but then it showed to be one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I learnt how to overcome my fears to accomplish my dreams. Outlook helped me gain a greater self-confidence about myself and what I'm capable of. I realized a lot about myself and others. Outlook is an amazing course and I'm so happy that I did it, it really helped me to improve my life." Anna Wikander

"Outlook helped me realise that I could change my life and live it the way I wanted to." Richard Halford

"I have learnt a lot of things through Outlook, but the most vital thing I learned is that what matters is the HERE AND NOW." Leila Bourquin

“Outlook has been the most amazing experience of my life. It has made a positive difference to my personal life and helped me to re-organise my business." Karen Abrahams

"My Outlook experiences have enabled me to successfully apply my learning to every area of my life." Katie Hart

"I have never felt better, have come back to work with so much enthusiasm and finally seem to have learnt the art of assertiveness and have been standing up for myself and my beliefs."Lauren Seal

"After Outlook I felt invincible and took control of my life." Alcinoo Giandinoto

“I found out so much about myself” Nikki Scott

“Outlook helped me to look at myself and become clear on who I am” Sharon Fitzgerald

"Outlook was the path to find my true worth and how far I can reach" Alejandro Carreras

“I would happily recommend Outlook Coaching to anyone who wants more from their lives, feels stuck in a rut, or feels their team lacks that certain 'spark' that would allow them to achieve more.” Aoife Collins

"I personally came alive having done the course." Anonymous

“Thank you Nick, Tony and your inspirational team. I can now go forward and live the life I've been given. You’re all truly wonderful people. Xx” Jo Chapman

The Outlook Organisation is a social enterprise and charity, founded in the UK in 1989. Charity Number: 1102559