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Outlook Course: Experience a new outlook

Are you fulfilling your full potential? Are there relationships with people or areas of your life that could be working better? Could you do with a boost or some new energy to deal with the important things in your life?

On the Outlook course you will go through tried and tested process that will build your awareness and understanding of how your outlook can impact on your happiness, enjoyment, relationships and achievements. Rather than telling you what to think, Outlook will simply provide you with key information and a set of experiences that allow you to recognise and realise things for yourself.

“Outlook has been the most amazing experience of my life. It has made a positive difference to my personal life and helped me to re-organise my business."

Our inspirational trainers and volunteers create a supportive and safe space to learn from these experiences. They will support you to process your realisations into practical ‘tools’ and learning for you to then choose how to apply what you learn in your life. You will leave with a set of effective ‘tools’ that really work. Unlike reading it in a book, or listening to a lecture, when you learn for yourself from the experiences on Outlook your ability to access solutions, success, growth and connection in your life will not be theoretical. To find out more read this leaflet.

On this course you will have the opportunity to discover ways to become more effective and dynamic in all areas of your life. This course is all about empowering you to be the best you can be, and will give you an insight into how to set yourself free from what is holding you back, ultimately supporting you in achieving a better quality of life. Outlook runs over one evening (Thursday evening) and then three full days (Friday to  Sunday). 

This course is about getting you to consider the way you operate in your life, whether this is working for you or not, and if there is any opportunity to try something different. As a result of your participation in Outlook, your aspirations in life can become realities, your possibilities can become probabilities and you will discover a new sense of personal freedom. 

The Outlook course can be transformational in your life because:

  • It gives you the tools to be conscious of your actions and make better decisions, accepting responsibility along the way

  • It help you to experience your inherent self worth, giving you renewed confidence in yourself and your life

  • Being motivated is a key outcome of the course; you are encouraged to set goals based on your own values and are given support in achieving them

  • It challenges your negative self-fulfilling prophecies; changing how you think about a situation directly impacts your experience of it. The course demonstrate the power of positive thinking even in adverse situations, replacing negative ideas such as ‘I cannot’ with positive ideas such as ‘I can’

  • Improvement in your relationships is one of the biggest benefits; letting go of bad experiences and using forgiveness as a tool allows you to create healthier and more fulfilling personal relationships.

Outlook offers you:

  • Access to powerful insights and practical tools

  • Dedicated time and space for you to reflect

  • A safe and supportive environment in which to process your thoughts and feelings.

At the end of Outlook you will:

  • Know how you connect with others

  • Know the impact of that connection on others

  • Have tools to create closer relationships

  • Have tools to create more success

  • Have a clear goal to apply to improve your life.

The Outlook Organisation is a social enterprise and charity, founded in the UK in 1989. Charity Number: 1102559