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About the Outlook Organisation

The Outlook Organisation was founded in England in 1989 by Tony Wiseman. He has has held seminars and workshops worldwide enabling thousands of people to empower their lives.

The organisation has inspired many personal development careers as the powerful techniques used in it's courses are used and adapted by many trainers, psychotherapists and leaders.. You will most likely have met a trainer or person who is using these processes and ideas in their work, in every field from business development to psychotherapy to alternative therapies. 

The Outlook Organisation is committed to transformational personal development for all. The organisation is not just a business; it's a charity and social enterprise, which strives to make a positive difference to people through facilitated powerful and personal experiences.  It's vision is to strengthening goodwill between people to create a world where no one is left out. 

Powerful Courses 

The Outlook Organisation runs three core, progressive, powerful training courses, that offer an opportunity to see yourself and your life in new ways and gain a new outlook. All the courses work on the principle that coming to your own personal realisations through experience is the key to lasting, relevant and meaningful personal development. These courses run almost entirely on the basis of word-of-mouth recommendation from the thousands of people who have benefited from them.

The courses cover:

  • How we can reshape our relationships with events in the PAST so that they have the most positive impact on our present

  • Gaining perspective on our past and future in a way that opens up the power of the PRESENT

  • How to be masters of our choices and effectively shape our FUTURES in line with our values and vision.

At the core of all three courses are tried and tested exercises that give:

  • Deeper understanding of who you truly are and what is really important to you

  • Clarity about the talents and qualities that make you unique and how they lead to your successes

  • Access to new levels of awareness about what is hindering you in achieving the results you would most like to see in your life

  • Insight about the key relationships in your life and how you can create different outcomes with the people that matter

  • The opportunity to choose for yourself if, and how, you would like to create change in your life and the world, and the support to begin implementing this

  • A safe place to try out something different and maybe discover a whole new world of possibilities and solutions you never had access to before

  • The opportunity to experience a new perspective, not just be taught it - this is what makes the Outlook Organisation courses unique, you get to understand your own personal learnings on a deeply personal and emotional level.

"After each explanation, there were exercises, and during these I got to experience and really understand new ways of thinking, I actually lived them right there on the course, and just like any other memory, like when my team won the league or something, the experience stays with me on a deeper, emotional level of understanding, because it really happened to me - so much better than just reading a book or sitting listening to a talk. This really makes a difference." 

You can choose to participate on just one, two or all three courses, making no prior commitment to all three when booking. There is no set time recommended between each of the courses. For some it is just a matter of months before they decide to participate on the next course, for others it can be longer. It is really up to you.

By taking part on an outlook course, you will be able to achieve more of what you want – improving your performance, relationships, wellbeing and ultimately creating a better quality of life. You will discover ways to become more effective and dynamic in all areas of your life.

The Outlook Organisation is a social enterprise and charity, founded in the UK in 1989. Charity Number: 1102559