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Tony Wiseman, the founder of the Outlook Organisation, has been lead trainer since 1989, assisted by many wonderful people over the years, and currently by Steve Barnes. Many people who have assisted training have gone on to start their own personal development organisations, run motivational and transformational courses, or developed leadership programmes, using the core principles learnt and inspired by their experience with the Outlook Organisation.   

Tony Wiseman, Trainer and Course Leader

Tony founded the Outlook Organisation in the UK in 1989. He is internationally recognised as a powerful, intuitive and charismatic trainer with 25 years experience working with many thousands of people.

As well as the three standard courses the Organisation offers, using the Outlook Training as a basic model, he has tailor-made courses for a range of people, from cancer patients to victims of sexual abuse. These special projects have received national coverage in the press and television.

Tony also creates and delivers trainings for children between the ages of 9- 15 both in Israel and the UK and he leads workshops on communication and leadership for companies and government organisations.

Steve Barnes, Trainer

Steve works with individuals and with groups, in the UK, Europe and Turkey. He has participated in and delivered many different types of personal development courses and sessions.

Steve integrates different models and philosophies within his approach. He is deeply interested in the human condition and how we can live better lives through more awareness and understanding of ourselves and others.

His vision is that we create more harmonious relationships – with
ourselves, with the people around us and with our environment. 


The Outlook Organisation is run by volunteers. The team is made up of professionals from all walks of life who give their time and experience for free because they value the goals and mission of the organisation. 


Penny Mallinson, Trustee

Penny is the director of various not-for-profit organisations in the area of education and self-development, and is also a coach to business executives and a diverse range of groups. Penny is involved in body and energy work and is an experienced facilitator in this field. Penny has facilitated on Outlook courses for over 15 years alongside hundreds of other people from all walks of life.

Anthony Ford, Trustee

Anthony Ford did Outlook back in 2003 having been inspired by some friends who had already done the course. During the day, he works with people who have been out of work for some time and give them the skills, tools and belief to gain employment. Evenings and weekends he is a qualified life coach and a full time Watford fan.

At the end of his Outlook, the trainer mentioned that all his fellow participants would be welcome to go back and assist… and he signed up that night! Since then he has assisted on all the courses and led teams of volunteers who go to make the Outlook course happen, which is something he honestly never thought he would be able to do. Taking the Outlook courses and then going back to help out and see things from “the other side” has given Anthony so much personally that he loves being in a position to give back to others going through their own journey. And, of course, it has been huge amounts of fun along the way. He now helps out the Outlook organisation by looking after the volunteers on the courses, ensuring that there are enough people there to do all the tasks that need to be done.

Anthony knows that had he not done Outlook, he would not be in the profession he is, have the same friends, life or “outlook” that he does now. In the end, deciding to do Outlook was a spur of the moment decision for him (6 months in the making!) that he is so pleased that he made and benefits from on a daily basis. 


Graeme Anderson, Trustee

Graeme has been involved in the Financial Services industry at different levels for many years. He completed all the courses offered by Outlook in 2011 after experiencing difficulties in his personal and business life and, realising the power these courses gave, decided to volunteer for Outlook to help get the message out. Graeme believes that personal development is very important to everyone, and that spending time on yourself is probably the last thing most people think about. Doing Outlook was a life changer for Graeme and he finds volunteering for the charity and seeing others benefit, immensely pleasing.


Carol Wiseman, Trustee

Carol runs a thriving estate agency, and has previously worked as financial controller, and assisted in the running of a family law practice, worked as Senior Secretary at IBM and The Conran Group, and was involved in the launch of the first Habitat store.

With a myriad of interests, Carol has spent the last 20 years studying in her own time. She is passionate about personal development, and started her own personal journey by studying counselling at the University of Hertfordshire. Carol went on to study Practical Philosophy. Carol enjoys volunteering for the organisation and has facilitated on many Outlook courses over the past six years.

Sarah Emberson, Trustee 

Sarah is the Director of the PR agency, Wildfire Collective. Sarah has worked in communications for over ten years, in high-profile charities, such as the British Heart Foundation, and institutions such as The Royal Society and government quangos such as the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. Sarah began volunteering for the Outlook Organisation after participating in their Outlook and Essence courses, which spurred her on to turn her life upside down for the better, and start her own business. 


Volunteer staff

Yvette Fidler 

Yvette Fidler is from Leeds where she works for a charity. She did Outlook in 2005 and continues to support the Outlook Training Organisation years later because she has witnessed the impact of the course with so many people and wants the outcomes of the courses to continue to be  available to people in the future. Yvette has take part in many different courses but has yet to experience anything as universally beneficial to people’s lives as Outlook. Yvette believes that what Outlook can achieve in a weekend is amazing and is so grateful that this course has been available to her friends and family because it has opened up life changing possibilities and brought them closer together – Yvette wants Outlook to continue to be available to everyone out there who wants to experience all that life has to offer them.












The Outlook Organisation is a social enterprise and charity, founded in the UK in 1989. Charity Number: 1102559