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Outlook in Practise: The Art of Responding

Every day we are reacting to what’s going on around us – to events, situations, circumstances, the things people say to us, the weather, the news, our own thoughts and feelings, and especially, to other people’s behaviour!

When we react we often go into ‘defensive’ mode because on some level we feel threatened. We have an immediate unconscious need for whatever it is that is happening to stop happening! And because of this our reactions are often negative and destructive making us feel disempowered and out of control, leading to actions that we often regret.

These reactions come from our unconscious mind. They are programmed, automatic, habitual and don’t leave any space for choice, options or the bigger picture – what do I want to create here? 

However, as we learn to respond instead of react we ‘reclaim’ ourselves in the moment and get back into the driving seat. We breathe, engage our conscious mind, and open the door to all kinds of creative possibilities. We realign ourselves with our values, with what really matters to us, and we begin to move forward.  

In this engaging and experiential day we will be learning how to become more responsive, creating less stress in our lives and more ease and flow in the moment. Less of the stuff we don’t want and more of the stuff we do!

The Outlook Organisation is a social enterprise and charity, founded in the UK in 1989. Charity Number: 1102559