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Charity Donations

One of the core fundamental missions of the Outlook charity is to make personal development available to all.

Your contribution to the charity makes it possible for the organisation to offer bursaries, subsidise the venue hire and offer free places in conjunction with similar charities who share our values.

People who complete our courses, including many people who received bursaries themselves, often choose to donate so that others can have the amazing experience they value so much. 

We continue to be extremely grateful to all those that contribute to the long term vision of the charity, and support those in need, by way of donations. Thank you

Whether you wish to make a one-off donation, or contribute on a regular basis, it is very simple to setup and takes a few minutes.

NOTE: This donation box uses the term "Direct Debit" for both one off and regular donations. We would like to reassure you that  if you choose "one-off" as you go through you will not be debited more than once.

Thank you!

The Outlook Organisation is a social enterprise and charity, founded in the UK in 1989. Charity Number: 1102559